Simple Tips for Roof Leak Repairs at Home

Your roof is your first and final line of defense when it comes to keeping mother nature out, with hurricanes threatening our houses every year and unexpected storms appearing occasionally. When there is a leak in your roof, troubles just start to surface. As a homeowner, it would be wise for you to learn what goes into roof leak repairs.

How Much Time is Required for Roof Leak Repairs?

It doesn’t take a set amount of time to get a leaking roof repaired. Depending on the size and the cause of the leak, fixing a leaking roof can take as little as 24 hours or as long as a few days.

Take repairing a burst pipe for example. Normally, it isn’t the toughest or the most complicated repair task, so it doesn’t take that much time for a professional to get the job done. But for a roof with a sizable gap that has let a significant volume of water into the house, it might take even a week to complete the repairs.

5 Essential Tips on Roof Leak Repairs

For leaks that require simple repairs, here are some key tips from the community’s trusted roofers.

Roof Leak Repair in Manatee County

Look for the source of the leaks

Use a ladder to climb up your roof and see if there are any stained, cracked, curled, or missing shingles. Be aware that leaks can also be found on end caps and tent-shaped shingles that cover the angular peaks of the roof, as well as points where shingles butt and where caulking and flashing have been compromised. Also, check the area around the chimney, including the chimney pipes and vents, for any loose parts and signs of wearing down.

Secure curled shingles

Some roof leaks are caused by curled-back shingles. These can be re-secured by applying a generous amount of asphalt roofing cement on the underside of the shingles, making sure all edges and corners are secure, and then firmly pressing on them to set. Roofing cement can come in cans, applied by using a brush, or in tubes, applied using a caulk gun.

Replace stained, damaged, or missing shingles

Another quick treatment for a leaking roof is to replace broken, missing, or decaying roof shingles. Lift the broken shingles around the edge, using a pry bar to carefully remove any nails. The shingle ought to slide out after the nails are taken out. Level any projecting nails, and remove or scrape away any leftover cement from the roof. Then, apply adhesive roofing cement on the underside of the replacement shingles and fit them into the areas where the previously damaged ones were.

Check the vent boots

Examine your roof vents and plumbing vent boots to see if the water is coming from any of those places. Check for broken metal seams or cracks in the rubber fleshing. It’s also possible that the rubber gasket around the vent piping has decayed, or the vent boot itself needs to be completely replaced. Get these sections repaired or replaced to stop future leaks.

Do not delay the repairs

You might be tempted to put off addressing that tiny leak in your roof, but there is a saying, “all big things start small,” and even a tiny leak can quickly become a major issue. From this seemingly little gap can come all the moisture that could damage your framing and sheathing. Your insulation can also be compromised, which would increase your energy costs. Additionally, if your ceiling is damaged, the rainwater will also flow inside your home the next time it rains. Do not delay your roof leak repairs; the best course of action is to get your roof fixed immediately as soon as you see a problem.

Reliable Residential Roofing Services in Sarasota and Manatee County, Florida

Significant damage to your roof can be caused by even a simple leak. In addition to destroying the insulation and sheetrock on your ceiling, it can expose the timber joists in your attic to water damage. A persistent leak might deal even more structural damage to your home. Once you’ve determined that your roof is leaking, you can attempt to do the simple repairs yourself, but we recommend that you hire a roof repair professional to take care of your roof.

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